Reindeer are very intelligent animals that work well within their herd and also with Santa.

We are known as Santa’s Reindeer Herders. There are a few of us around the world that share the love of our Reindeer. Santa knows where we are located so if on his yearly nightly trip one of his sleigh pullers gets a sniffle or is feeling under the weather he has a backup plan to get his gifts delivered to all the good children around the world.

We have taken our Reindeer to birthday parties. grand openings, store promotions, car dealerships, farmers markets, as well as day care and long term care homes. We also do Christmas parades, Christmas parties and working along side Santa, or tree lighting.

Reindeer draw a crowd; so if that’s what you are looking for, contact us.

Here are some testimonials of our Reindeer and Reindeer Display services…

Hi Louise and Garth (& Reindeer Friends):

Every Christmas Season, Santa makes his annual visit to Frontenac Mall to hear the children’s wishes. One of the most asked questions by the children is “Where are your reindeer?”  We thought, what more could add to the magic of the holiday season than for the children (of all ages) to get up close and personal with two of Santa’s Reindeer.   Donner and Blitzen have visited us for several years now, to the delight of children and grown-ups alike, it has become a favourite of the holiday events at Frontenac Mall!  As well, this is an outstanding fundraiser for our local Partners in Mission Food Bank, hundreds of dollars and pounds of food have been collected each year.

Sherwood’s Reindeer Farm has been an absolute joy to work with.  They provide ‘Santa’-trained handlers that care for the animals and interact with the children and adults, answering all their reindeer questions.  They are attentive to all details from start to finish… fast, efficient set up and clean up.

If you are looking to create a unique magical experience that will draw in crowds of people, then you should call Sherwood’s Reindeer Farm … it is a Christmas memory that will be cherished by visitors for years to come!

~ Wendy James, Marketing Coordinator
    Frontenac Mall (Kingston, ON)

In November of last year my husband and I visited Riley’s Garden Center trying to get in the Christmas Sprit. When we came across Reindeer… Awesome! Real Reindeer! Then it really felt like Christmas. The owners Louise and Garth were awesome in showing their extended family. It was great to experience something every child and adult should. The real sprit of Christmas… Santa’s real helpers. If you ever get a chance you need to visit their displays and feel like a kid again. I hope everyone can enjoy such a wonderful experience. Please look for them when you can, and your family will not regret it.

~ Sincerely, Diane Young

I am the owner of Riley’s Garden Centre in Kingston, Ontario.  Every year we open a Christmas Shoppe to which Louise and Garth bring their reindeer for a weekend so that Santa can visit with the children and his reindeer. Over the weekend, hundreds of children and their families visit, and Louise and Garth help to make what is a potentially stressful time enjoyable for everyone.  The magic of the holiday season accompanies their arrival to our Shoppe, and the two of them are always excited and eager to share the Christmas spirit.

I know that I can always rely on Louise and Garth regardless of any obstacles.  Over the years I have seen them work in anything from the freezing cold to pouring rain, but no matter what the elements bring, each of them always remain patient and optimistic.  Even under the most unpleasant conditions, Louise maintains a gentle demeanor that comforts the reindeer and calms children, and no matter what, she and Garth ensure that their animals are cared for with nothing but love and respect.

Louise and Garth are truly passionate about the experience that they provide to children and adults alike over the holiday season.  Not only are they extremely compassionate and understanding with people of all ages and abilities, but they also always strive to keep the “magic of Christmas” alive.  They value the importance of interacting with children on an educational level, and always come prepared with informative pieces to capture everyone’s attention, and turn the day into a learning experience for all.

I am fortunate enough to have known Louise and Garth for three years now, and I have so much respect for them both as business partners, as well as individuals.  They are such a hardworking, considerate, and good natured couple, that working alongside them during the holidays is a pleasure that I look forward to, and I would happily recommend their services to anyone.

~ Sally Hunter
    Riley’s Garden Centre (Kingston, Ontario)