Reindeer Facts

Reindeer can run up between 60-80 km per hour but only for a short distance.

Reindeer are very adaptable to weather and can tolerate temperatures ranging from -40  to +100’s without much difficulty.

Reindeer are born almost completely black and develop more detailed colouring as they grow older. However in some cases a baby reindeer can be born white also known as a pinto. We have been very lucky on our farm to have a few pinto’s born!

Reindeer were introduced with Santa Claus in 1823 when Clement C Moore wrote “The night before Christmas”

Reindeer prefer to eat fresh snow over drinking water in the winter.

Reindeer are not like other deer species when it comes to diet. Reindeer are not either browsers or grazes, they are considered intermediate feeders. This means that they switch between browsing and grazing depending on the season.

Reindeer antler grows at a rate of about 1-2” per day.

Male reindeer lose their antlers during the first week of December whereas females will not lose their antlers until late winter/early spring.

Reindeer draw a crowd; so if that’s what you are looking for, contact us.